MOU Ceremony Between PMIMY & UMP

Salam Sejahtera and Good Morning to Yang Hormat Professor Dato Dr Yuserrie bin Zainuddin, En Muhammad Firdaus bin Zakaria, Professor Dr Marco Tieman, En Hafeiz bin Hassan, Emcee, ladies, and gentlemen.
First, I would like to thank you, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, for arranging this extraordinary memorandum of understanding virtual signing ceremony. This is a wonderful collaboration opportunity between UMP and PMI Malaysia Chapter to power the project economy in Malaysia. This MoU enables and empowers us to turn ideas into reality to create a 10x impact on our beloved country, Malaysia.
Project Management professionals are constantly evolving throughout decades, especially during this pandemic. We are being asked to do a lot more than simply execute a project on time, on budget and in scope. There are many more demands coming to us all. We must constantly learn new ways of working and getting things done. It is not just us as project management professionals but also students, lecturers, entrepreneurs, specialists, and country leaders. They are individuals that proactively drive change and transformational efforts for businesses, people, and society. PMI seeks to support this group of people through this evolution while expanding our focus to a broader community of changemakers who need the same skills and knowledge as a project manager.
In this collaboration, there are two focus areas between UMP and PMI Malaysia Chapter. Firstly, it empowers UMP students with project management knowledge and skills and preparing them for the future. The second is to enable UMP lecturers and staff to empower the students with the necessary tools and techniques.
UMP Bachelor of Project Management is Project Management Institute accredited programme. This will help many youths acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to create meaningful values for their stakeholder. And I hope that the UMP Post Graduate Programme, Master of Project Management, will be accredited by PMI soon. This will help the student to turn ideas into reality and becoming a true changemaker. PMI Malaysia Chapter will support and assist UMP in achieving whatever is necessary for a common good and shared vision.

Lastly, I would like to thank you, Dr Lee Chia Kuang, to make this happen. He tirelessly getting this MOU drafted until it gets signed. Dr Lee is a truly passionate advocate of project management who believes project management will change our world to a better place. Let’s make it happens. Thank you.
PMI Malaysia Chapter