Chapter Election 2022

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2023 and Election of Open Board Positions 

Annual General Meeting 2023 

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Project Management Institute Malaysia Chapter (PMIMY), will be held on: 


Saturday, 18th March 2023 


9.30 am to 11.00 pm 


TBD According to Standard Operating Procedure by The Registry of Societies Malaysia. 


  1. 1. Confirmation of Minutes of 2022 PMIMY Annual General Meeting. 

  1. 2. Chapter Annual Financial Report for the year 2022. 

  1. 3. Chapter Annual Report for 2022/2023. 

  1. 4. E-Voting Results Announcement and Introduction of Chapter Board Members for 2023 ~ 2025 and Chapter Auditors for 2023. 

Open Board Positions for Elections and E-Voting 

Seven (7) Chapter Board of Directors and two (2) chapter auditors are open for elections this year, according to the chapter bylaws 2022.
Chapter Board of Directors is to serve the chapter voluntarily for a full term (2 years from the start of 20th of March 2023 to 31st of March 2025), while the Chapter Auditors are to serve the chapter voluntarily for a full term (1 year from the start of 1st of May 2023 to 30th of April 2023).

For Candidacy and Nomination, please refer to the link below:

1. Chapter Board of Directors –

2. Chapter Auditor –


Elections for these roles shall be done electronically per the schedule below: 

24th Oct 2022 

Nominations Open 

13th Nov 2022 

Nominations Close 

14th Nov – 20th Nov 2022 

Vetting of Candidates 

21st Nov – 27th Nov 2022 

Submission of nomination slate to PMI for e-Voting preparation 

28th Nov – 18th Dec 2022 

Polling (e-Voting, invitation to be sent to your email address as registered with PMI). 

2nd Jan 2023 

Announcement of Results 

18th Mar 2023 

Annual General Meeting 2023 

We invite all chapter members to participate in this election process by nominating suitable candidates (Malaysian only), standing for election, and voting electronically. 

Details of the respective open positions can be found in the Chapter By-Laws under Article 5 (PMIMY Board of Directors) and Article 16 (Audit & Financial Statements). 

Please refer to the election guidelines for details on the nomination and terms of nomination. 

In order to download/view a copy of documents stated in this notice, please log in to 

Dated this 23rd day of October 2022, By Order of the Board of Directors, Project Management Institute, Malaysia Chapter (PMIMY).