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September 22 @ 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Advocacy for sustainable practices is gaining popularity throughout the industry. Any company that does not have sustainable development goals entrenched inside its organization is at a serious competitive disadvantage in today’s market.

As the project management profession matures, so does its view of project success to include sustainability principles, where project managers must make greater efforts to address environmental, economic, and social aspects and move toward a broader and more holistic view of the project’s impact and value.

The project manager is in a good position to impact project sustainability. Understanding the environmental, social, and economic components of sustainability transitions in the context of projects allows project managers to play an important role in embedding sustainability in how we operate and contributing to the delivery of organizational strategy.

Host : Kuna Rajendran

Backend Setup : Mutu, Mahesan

Marketing : Mirza, Shanq Yeet

Video recording: When Project Management Meets Sustainability – Trends and Emerging Practices

September 24 & 25 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


The 2022 Chapter Leaders Getaway took place on September 24th and 25th, 2022. This two-day event was attended by twenty chapter leaders, including portfolio directors, deputy directors, volunteer team leaders, and two representatives from PMI Asia-Pacific, Siti Rozianti and Lee Xing Ying. Special guest Ray Alfonso Lamdagan, the PMI Regional Mentor, attended virtually from the Philippines to offer the attendees an inspiring address.

The chapter leaders provided updates on the actions of their portfolio/team since the last Annual Strategy Meeting in February 2022. They also discussed the difficulties their teams had in carrying out planned actions. This gathering assisted Chapter Leaders in bonding, getting to know one another better, and forming new connections.

Gayathri Jeyasingam, Director of Planning, was instrumental in planning the event and reserving the venue and hotel accommodations for all attendees.

Here’s what they said…

Rasooi Mohd, Mohamed Hussain, PMIMY Northern Branch Lead

Key take away good networking with other leaders to share knowledge/experience. The issue with volunteer commitment is a real issue, and short- and long-term plans are being worked out with sub-team to overcome and retain volunteers. Team building is key to retaining team bonding and the path for leaders to be intact with team members.

Harvin, Deputy Director – Agile Outreach

PMI Malaysia Chapter organized a getaway for its chapter leaders on the 24th & 25th of September at PJ Sheraton. This event brought together the Board of Directors and portfolio leaders to foster effective collaboration, discuss key challenges and prepare the action plan going forward for each portfolio. The chapter president, David Khaw provided insights on his 6Ps vision to the chapter volunteers. PMI region mentor Ray encouraged the leaders and supported the projects planned. Siti & Xing Ying, the representatives from PMI regional office, presented details on the region’s key initiatives. The strategy & next activities for every portfolio were presented to the leaders, which included the Agile Outreach’s International Agile Symposium scheduled on the 8 & 9th of May 2023. The leaders gave valuable feedback and comments to enhance the symposium further.

In a nutshell, this getaway has been both an engaging and inspiring experience for me. It has given a better perspective on the values gained as a volunteer, what it takes to be a chapter leader, and the emphasis on overcoming key challenges through active collaboration and discussions amongst leaders. Looking forward to more such events in the future.

Shoba Sekaran – Deputy Director, Treasury

 I joined PMIMY as a member in early 2021 before volunteering to be a part of the Treasury & Procurement Tribe in mid-2021. Due to various movement restrictions and self-precautionary measures, I only interacted virtually with my tribe members and other volunteers. Fast forward to 2022, I got the opportunity to join PMIMY Chapter Leaders Getaway at Sheraton PJ from 23-24 September 2022. It was great to finally be able to put faces to the many names I had been interacting with the past year.  During our short but amazing get-together, I discovered that we’re all connected in one way or another. It could be a connection as simple as sharing the same hometown or university to one more exciting, like discovering a penchant for Dyson products! It was also a bonus to discover that one of the BOD members was a Dyson employee, thereby opening up opportunities to get first-hand information on product releases and discounts.

On a serious note, these connections helped to build rapport among the attendees, which would enhance cooperation among them in the future to achieve common goals. One such opportunity arose during the event when some members highlighted the perennial problem of a low volunteer retention rate. Attendees were segregated into groups to discuss the issue from various stakeholders’ perspectives and come up with short- and long-term solutions. Many good ideas generated during the brainstorming session would be developed further post this event. It is hoped the fellowship formed during this get-together would encourage us to stay motivated and work towards improving the volunteer retention rate.

Shasha, WiPM Co-lead

Very nice gateway to get to know other chapter leaders, have a physical meeting, socialize with each other, and networking. Things to improve:

  • Timing in courses, have to take care, we overrun on the first day. Need to take care of time.
  • Second-day course feels not enough, as we should have more time allowed for effective discussion and take away.
  • In terms of food, hotel…all tip top! Just loving it!

Esther Shai, WiPM Co-lead

This was my first time meeting the BODs and chapter leaders in person. I was surprised that most leaders are fun and not as their serious professional photos found on the PMI MY website. This getaway not only offered a great networking opportunity with all the BODs and chapter leaders, but it also created an avenue for us to discuss all the challenges the chapter had been facing and how we could help in moving the chapter into the next phase.

It was a great experience connecting with the people with whom I had worked virtually for the past months. I was first reluctant to join the getaway like many new volunteers, as I had no idea what was going on and what this event would have for me. As a remote volunteer who has been in service for less than a year, I do sometimes feel lost and disconnected from the “Heart” of PMI MY. I am glad that I was there as I felt so close to the “Heart” of PMI MY for the first time ever. 😊

Mei Yi Tan, Deputy Director – Public Engagement

As a new joiner for the chapter leader gateway, It allows me to get to know others who are able to support us whenever we need, get to know more about the chapter portfolios, all the current& upcoming chapter activities, and the chapter’s direction. It is a good session to know what other portfolios are doing.

I get to build a professional network. Through the session, I get to know people from different industries who share common interests and passions. Meanwhile, it is a good opportunity for me to explore how other leaders practice leadership skills in their organizations and their work experiences.

I get to know more about the actual volunteering experiences from other leaders. Through some sharing sessions, I got to know how others leverage the PMI chapter platform to practice what they could not get/experience from their current workplace. The chapter getaway has included many sharing sessions in which we get to voice out our ideas and opinions. It is a great way to encourage us to speak up and sharpen our leadership skills.

I get to practice and gain project management skills. Involving in the activities and sharing sessions, I get to practice some of the project management theories that I have learned previously. For example, the MoSCoW method to prioritize requirements and the SMART approach populate and list all the ideas to solve current chapter challenges. Joining the team to brainstorm and plan for the solution is interesting. At the same time, knowing how other leaders think, plan, organize and execute tasks is useful for my career and daily life. Thanks to all PMIMY Chapter leaders that made this 2-day gateway a success.

Dr. Joshua, Director-Treasury

It was awesome to get to know several of our young leaders this time, especially in a face-to-face setting with more recent additions to our extended group like Jason, Esther, Shasha, Mei Yi, Adam, Harvin, and Hussain.

Adam, Deputy Director-Publication

It is my first face-to-face event after 2.5years. I feel honored to attend the PMIMY leadership gateway in Hotel Sheraton from 24th September to 25th September. Finally, I managed to match the faces and the names! I enjoyed the day spent with the leadership team, and of course, I gained a lot from them. There was a lot of sharing and learning during the weekend. It surpassed my initial expectations to be a volunteer earlier this year and, most importantly, the sense of belonging. I definitely look forward to contributing more to PMIMY in the future! Thank you.

Jason, Technology Manager

Key takeaway

  1. Relationships and bonding of key members are getting stronger.
  2. Knowledge sharing among different people.
  3. All leaders are aligned to achieve our goals to improve PMI Malaysia Chapter.
  4. Before this, I only attend online meetings, but after this session, I get to know everyone better. Sometimes, we misunderstand, and there may be miscommunication between everyone.

Preeta Nair, Director of Programmes

Unfortunately, I could only make it on the 1st day. But even with the short time, catching up with fellow PMI MY Members was really nice. We laughed silly and played some games before getting into serious talks. Putting a bunch of season project managers can sometimes be disruptive, and things do get heated, but the end objective was to provide better care and service to our PMI MY volunteers and members. Looking forward to improving and achieving greater heights as a PMI Malaysia chapter!




PMI Malaysia Northern Conference 2022

2nd Dec 2022 (8am to 5:30pm) | AC Hotel by Marriott – Penang, Malaysia

The PMI MY Northern Conference is the pivotal conference to establish diverse project management community starting with northern region. Recognizing the need to stay connected as we brave through the endemic, Project Management Institute (PMI), Malaysia Chapter proudly brings you this in-person event – carefully curated for project management professionals.

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