Being a member for PMI Global and PMI Malaysia Chapter means you are part of an international community that gives you access to a first-class range of services designed to support you in your professional life. 

PMI Global is an international community whereas PMI Malaysia Chapter is a local community. 

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PMI Global Membership PMI Malaysia Membership



PMI Global membership is for one year from the date of your membership activation. You can renew your membership as early as 90 days from your expiration date. You can find your membership status in your myPMI profile on

You can join one or more PMI chapter(s). You cannot be a chapter member without being a PMI Global member. Your PMI Global and chapter membership expiration dates will be the same regardless of when you add a chapter(s). Therefore, if you only have four months left of your PMI Global membership, your chapter membership will expire in four months as well, despite when you joined the chapter.