2023 PMI MY President's Address

Dr. Joshua Netto, DBA, PMP® PMI-RMP® PRINCE2®

President, PMI Malaysia Chapter

Greetings and warm wishes to all of you, my fellow members, volunteers, and chapter leaders!

For those of you engaging with me for the first time, I am Joshua, a Director with Turner and Townsend and a member of their Malaysia country leadership team. For those joining in person here at APU, I too live in the Klang Valley, Petaling Jaya specifically, with my wife and two kids.

First and foremost, I would like to give due appreciation and recognition to the 2022/23 president, board members and volunteers, who have transformed this chapter and left a legacy for us to build on.

I also stop to thank all of you, the members on the call and in the auditorium, the volunteers who have worked hard behind the scenes, and my incoming board members who have all dressed their best and showed up bright and early, and of course our PMI APAC representatives who have joined us today and I am honored by your confidence in me as I take up this role.

You can be rest assured that the board and I are determined to continue this journey of transformation and elevate chapter’s value to the community, members, and volunteers.

So, what our strategy? Quite simply, it’s 10x, or multiply our impact by ten times. We may all approach things differently, but we can probably agree that we have made somewhat of an impact in the last two years, and our aspiration is to adapt that formula and scale up its outcomes exponentially.

This overarching headline of 10x is completely aligned with the PMI 4.0 impact strategy and some of you, no doubt will be very familiar with this.

Our vision overlayed on a picture from the chapter's Northern Conference event on December 2, 2022

As I was preparing the strategy with the board, we thought of how best to visually represent this, and here is a beautiful picture of the impact we made year, the return of physical events, one of such was the Northern Conference in December.

Our chapter vision remains essentially in place. However, during the intensive strategy workshop in January, we put our hand to heart and asked ourselves:

  • Are we as a local institute and entity really known for what we do?
  • Is PMI Malaysia a well-recognized name among the key industry players?
  • Are we even the voice of the project management practice in Malaysia?; and
  • Do we really make an impact through social good and our outreach programs?

Through this soul-searching, we made an incremental refinement to our vision, articulating our aspiration to not just make change a reality, but be known for what we do.

Finding ourselves also mandated that we go back-to-basics, and really pin down what are the core ingredients of a successful chapter are, and we took on board what you have said in the annual PMI surveys and formed the areas of our focus in making an impact.

Our vision overlayed on a picture from the chapter's Northern Conference event on December 2, 2022

Take a minute to digest what you see here and relate to your expectations of value as a member.

To start off, we can have a perfectly crafted masterclass of a strategy, but we need the formidable force of volunteers to materialize the objectives. This means will continue to invest in our volunteers as our pride of the chapter, recognizing that even the smallest initiative will not succeed without a capable and committed volunteer behind it.

Events and programs continue to be our core offering and while we crack on with our bread-and-butter webinars and evening talks, we also realize the need for variety, options that fit into our changing needs and availability, even lighter, more social gatherings. “Something for everyone” will be our aspiration and we hope to build a calendar of events that fills that space.

We also acknowledge that to be known, we will need to place more effort and resources on marketing and communications, covering both internal and external relations, and you can probably feel firsthand the direction of our trajectory through the recent communications, building up to this day. Our communications will also cast a greater understanding and appreciation for all the work that goes on behind the curtains, by our volunteers and chapter leaders.

Members and professional development remain a staple at our chapter, but we now must broaden our view to fit the “changemaker” audience from 5-year-olds to 105-year-olds, and if we are to make engagement with our chapter a life-long journey, we must see people as individuals, someone rather than a something. Individuals go through different stages of their academic, professional, and post-professional lives and we would like to embed the experience by being part of that journey with them as a unique person.

Partnerships is a new and exciting growth lever for us, and our ambition to be the voice of the industry mandates that we can’t do this alone. We need to form and cement a network of collaborative with corporates, peer institutions, government bodies, academics and even the media to make this happen.

Social good has always been close to the heart of PMI professionals, but expectations for us to make a greater impact on environmental efforts loom, when we carry and profess the “changemaker” status. This year, we aim to leverage our partnerships and make a presence in both these areas and create positive change for the young and less privileged.

Linked to the drive on partnerships, we will ramp up our efforts in corporate engagements, and have now included a workstream on government outreach to position ourselves as the voice of project management in the industry. Think of the established names and industry players in Malaysia, and our aspirations are to form collaborative relationships with all, if not most of them in time, elevating our value to you as they will now bring their strength and support to events, outreach programs, mentoring, sponsorship and even become an employer of choice for members and volunteers that are looking for their next opportunity.

As we grow in members and increase communications and external engagements, we keep in mind the need to continue investing in technology and cybersecurity, keeping your data safe while we broaden our reach and deepen our relationships with you.

Our new 2023-24 new Board of Directors – 7 elected directors, 4 directors-at-large

Shifting gears now to the board structure, our sound understanding, and articulation of the strategic pillars emphasized the need to have a strong leadership team to drive this, and we formulated our roles and portfolios based on the commitment to our strategy and focus areas.

I am very proud and excited to present our 2023-24 board structure and members to you that dovetails into our 10x ambitions.

You will probably notice from the get-go of the slide that we have placed communications with our vice-president, none other than the very competent Preeta Nair (PMP, CSM®, Lean 6 Sigma), indicating that communications will be driven and sponsored at the executive level of the board.

Jun Sing Lai as an invited Director-at-Large will be taking over the chapter’s treasury and procurement, a safe pair of hands to oversee our finances as we invest in our strategy.

 The Honorary Secretary has always been key position for associations like our chapter, our commitment to the focus areas coming through again with a new role called “Director of Partnerships”, under Henry Lee (李昭亨), PMP®, GPM-b®’s care and accountability.

 Our veteran Nehru Nagappan (PMP, CB-PMO Consultant, AFMIM) takes on the Corporate and Government Outreach portfolio, and we are confident that his network and talents will take the engagements to a new level this year with companies, organizations, and agencies.

Gayathri Jeyasingam is very passionate about social impact and giving back through outreach, and we have now augmented that portfolio with the inclusion of the environment, creating an avenue where we can place a greater focus and visibility on initiatives through our chapter and its partners.

Shafida Hermy Halamy, (PMP)® DTM or more commonly known as “Shasha” is also a new Director-at-Large bringing marketing under her care, and together with Preeta they represent the collective force of two directors driving the marcom strategy.

Mei Yi Tan our new elected director assumes a refreshed membership portfolio, with more focus on members as individuals, which neatly extends to include the professional development portfolio, taking members through the journey with our chapter as part of their professional lives.

Adam S.L Tan, PMI-PMP, also a new addition as an elected director steps into the technology and cybersecurity portfolio and he continues the digital transformation that we have started in the last two years.

Maruthamutu Subramaniam or “Mutu” is a familiar face on the board to many of you, and as an invited Director-at-Large, he takes the well-known Events and Programs portfolio, naturally occasions like this AGM and the many more to come will be a result of his drive and vision.

Jerry Chong, a recent addition also as our Director-at-Large takes the ever important volunteer experience portfolio, and our volunteer talent and “pride of the chapter” will come under his care and oversight.

Please welcome them, support them and get to know them as people that are making tremendous efforts and sacrifices for this chapter!

Our 29th year of incorporation as the oldest chapter in APAC

As we embark on the next phase of our chapter’s journey, I would like to you to ponder for a moment on our heritage, presenting a significant opportunity to leverage our combined capability as a broad, diverse base of new faces, rising leaders and accomplished veterans.

We are a little more than a year and a half away from our 30 years since incorporation and we have many things to be proud off as the oldest chapter in Asia Pacific, with almost three decades of experience behind us.

However, a quick glance around the virtual and physical room today indicates we may not be taking advantage of the most obvious asset that is available to use, namely, our alumni of chapter members, volunteers and leaders that have come and gone. Many of these likely have become senior executives and veterans of the project management practice in the industry.

I urge you to not let this opportunity slip past us, but reengage, reemerge, and reunite with them.

Three headlines as a takeaway for all members

Hence, my takeaway note of all of you is to own and cascade the message that:

1. The chapter needs you. Your experience, your knowledge, your influence, your network and your capacity in time and resources to reunite and reemerge. We are stronger together.

2. Remember our focus on partnerships, and our shared ambition is to form not transactional agreements, but long-term, deep partnerships that bring value to our chapter.

3. You are our “pride-of-the-chapter”. We have an own a heritage and should carry this pride on our sleeves.

Before I close, I would like to thank the wonderful people that has made this event a success, and I look forward to the great conversations we will all be having in the pipeline of events to come.

We are and we will always be #strongertogether !

PMI Malaysia Chapter