Sustainable Project Planning, Risk Management and Control


Key Learning takeaways :

  1. The benefits of an inclusive “triple bottom line” approach to project planning and baseline management.
  2. A risk-based approach for providing stakeholder feedback and reporting on a project’s social, environmental and economic performance.
  3. The new P5TM Standard in Project Management

Change is happening faster than ever due to a variety of trends such as digital transformation, geopolitical changes and, in particular, climate change. Organisations need to deal with the physical risks of climate change and the transition risks as they change their operations to reduce environmental impacts and provide reports which demonstrate that they are doing so.
How can we set up and manage our projects in a way that deals with these changes and helps companies demonstrate that they are doing the right thing?

This presentation will provide project professionals with an overview of simple and effective processes for achieving successful and sustainable projects through project planning, monitoring and reporting on performance and risks as they occur.