PMIMY Webinar: Leveraging your experience in a changing world


Key Learning takeaways :

  • Major evolving future significant trends
  • Potential impacts on current organizations and individuals
  • Framework to extract value from past experiences
  • Potential approaches to navigate uncertainty
  • Leading during uncertain times

Do you want to maximise the value of your work and other experience? How do we maximise our experience to navigate our future, both personally and professionally?

With the world is undergoing many unprecedented major changes especially in the social and economical areas, what worked in the past might not work as well as in the future. How do we navigate our future, both personally and professionally? Dr. Lum will discuss the above key question with some real life examples of the importance of adjustments according to the external factors, converting risks into opportunities with the REL (Reflect, Evaluate and Leverage) framework.–relearn-what-got-you-here-wont-get-you-there/?sh=20255e2920a6