2022 PMI MY President's Address

Mr David Khaw, PMP

President, PMI Malaysia Chapter

Good afternoon fellow members. I am Coach David. I am here to share with you some of my thought, and I hope that later this month, I have an opportunity to engage with you all either in Clubhouse or Telegram.

I started my passion for Project Management in 2003 when a group of PMI Malaysia Chapter volunteers visited my workplace. Since then, project management skills have changed my life, including getting two master’s degrees and transforming from a computer operator to whatever I am today.

As a practical person myself, I always believe in doing something sustainable and meaningful for the stakeholders. That is what Project Economy is all about. To deliver financial or social values to stakeholders, drive success in this uncertain world.

I believe our chapter must transform from a traditional association to a gymnastic enterprise that aligns with PMI. To make us in Malaysia relevant again by leveraging on our ideas and capabilities. 2021 is a great year to start. Because it forces us to do so, would you think so?

PMI Malaysia Chapter will be “The Champion to Power Project Economy in Malaysia”. To make this happen, we must strengthen ourselves by enabling our chapter and empower you to turn ideas into reality through whatever skills and capability you have.

So, to guide the Board of Directors and me to achieve this as our mission. Here are six manifestos (6Ps Manifesto) for our chapter:

1. Platform: To create a safe, trusted, agile, fun and pivot platform for you and me to grow, seek help and connect with one another.

2. People: To empower our Volunteers, Members including non-chapter members, Women, Youths, Seniors, and our Society to turn ideas into reality.

3. Practice: To create the opportunity for us to practice all PMI standards, practice guides, principles, disciplines, knowledge, skills, and techniques within and beyond the chapter as life skills, learning skills, career skills, business skills, people skills, and digital skills.

4. Prospect: To create opportunities for us to grow and seek better prospects either in career, job, business, networking, friendship, and not least, fellowship.

5. Pride: To make all of us feel proud to be part of our community to grow, give back, and something meaningful to me, transform. And the last manifesto,

6. Passion: Something that we want to create, an opportunity for you to develop a passion for leading, sharing, mentoring, and coaching our future leaders.

“I am just one human being”, said Dalai Lama. And I am only one person. To make this a success, I need many diverse and inclusive volunteers who want to grow and be better than today. Together, we will transform our chapter from just advocating the project management skills to become the champion of Project Economy in Malaysia. I am optimistic that our chapter will realise sustainable benefits and create meaningful values through this 6Ps manifesto. Still, it would not be an easy road ahead, but we will persevere and be resilient.

We are looking for many diverse and inclusive volunteers. If you are interested in joining our journey, please reach out to me or any of the directors. We are excited to have you with us.

Thank you to all the board of directors for your passion, effort, and not least sacrifice in volunteering. I also want to take this opportunity to wish a big thanks to all our volunteers, especially the outgoing board of directors, Krishnan, William, Siva, Yanni, Lutfi, and our longest-serving director, Zakaria. A separate appreciation event for our volunteers will be arranged later this year.

To all the members, here is my email address ([email protected]), my phone number (+60173330518), and my LinkedIn profile (https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidkhawpmp). Please do connect with me. As I mentioned earlier in my speech, I will connect with you later this month via Clubhouse or Telegram. Please stay connected. I wish you all a happy weekend, stay safe and stay healthy. Please register and take your vaccine. Some of us, including myself, already took our first jab, if not two. The sooner we jab, the sooner we can re-establish our face-to-face events.

Thank you.

David Khaw