PMIMY Mentoring Program (Chapter Member Only)


The program is a one-on-one relationship between a Mentor/Coach and Mentee/Coachee to develop the skill set and leadership in project management through coaching and mentoring. The one-on-one sessions are customized to fit the need of the Mentee/Coachee to achieve his/her goal(s) within a 3-month period.

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Dear all, The Professional Development Team will be re-launching our Mentoring & Coaching Program from 1 Aug 2023 onwards.

The main objective of the program is to improve the project management skill set and leadership of PMI Malaysia Chapter members by providing mentoring and coaching services to them.

It is a 3-month one-on-one program between a Coach/Mentor and a Coachee/Mentee with 1 session per month upon signing up with a total fee of RM350. The program is only limited to 20 seats only – refer eBrochure <update the link with latest brochure> for more information.

At the end of the program, the Mentor/Coach and Mentee/Coachee will have:
– Established a mentoring relationship
– An alignment of the Mentee’s/Coachee’s goals and objectives achievable within a 3 month period
– Developed an action plan
– Worked together towards achievement of the Mentee’s/Coachee’s goals

Program Duration: 3 Months

Contact Person: Ivan Ho ([email protected]), Jessey Ting ([email protected])

eBrochure link:

PMIMY Mentoring Coaching Program eBrochure2023_v2


Additional Info: This program is member-only-program. Registration for this coaching and mentoring program will resume in Aug 2023 and will be carried on throughout the year. For those interested to sign-up and yet a PMI Malaysia chapter member, follow this steps: 1) Sign up as PMI member (PMI Membership | PMI); 2) subsribe to Malaysia chapter (PMI Chapters | Project Management Institute).