PMIMY Webinar: Influence or Inspire? Using Value Stream to Lead



  1. Utilize Values and Principles to Lead
  2. Using the Storytelling Approach with Techniques
  3. How to Focus on What Matters Most in Influencing and Inspiring
Speaker : Coach David Khaw

Like many of us, David is nobody before 2017. He is struggling in his professional life and leading people. Believe it or not, before 2019, Chapter President was never on his bucket list. Inspired by the PMI’s new mission statement in 2019, he took up the challenge and aimed to be the Chapter President by 2021. And his wishes come true. How did he led a group of 150 volunteers in the Chapter to make ideas a reality? David will share his technique during his presidency in the Chapter to influence and inspire others. David will answer your questions as much as possible, but he is no saint. Hope that the method is helpful to you in a project, work, or life.